Weekly Health Quiz: Covid Vaccines, Virus Variants and Safer Travel

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True or false? Current Covid vaccines are effective in protecting people against severe disease caused by coronavirus variants.



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Federal health authorities paused use of this Covid vaccine following rare reports of blood clots in the brain:



Johnson & Johnson


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A study of Covid-19 and exercise found that compared to those who rarely worked out, people who exercised regularly were:

Less likely to test positive for coronavirus

More likely to get sick from coronavirus

Less likely to be hospitalized for Covid, and to die from it

Exercise had little effect on Covid severity

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Independent of wearing a mask, experts estimate that this airline measure reduces travelers' exposure to airborne coronavirus by 23 to 57 percent:

Revamping the plane's ventilation system

Keeping the middle seat empty

Restricting flights to 50 percent capacity

Requiring that all passengers have been fully vaccinated

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Deaths from this cause surged during the pandemic, contributing to more than 87,000 deaths among Americans over a 12-month period:

Car accidents


Vaccine side effects

Drug overdoses

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Alcohol use rose during the pandemic, with this group disproportionately affected:


Women and parents of young children

Middle-aged men

People over 60

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True or false? Federal guidelines now say that it is generally safe for kids to have play dates with others outside of their pods.