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    CreditIllustration by The New York Times; Photograph by Kathleen King

    The Ezra Klein Show

    Why Adults Lose the ‘Beginner’s Mind’

    The psychologist Alison Gopnik and Ezra Klein discuss what children can teach adults about learning, consciousness and play.


  1. letters

    CreditPool photo by Jonathan Brady

    The Solitary Queen Elizabeth: An Iconic Image

    A reader says no other picture has captured our experience as a world since the onset of Covid. Also: Leave Karen alone; yoga as a path to wisdom.

  2. Sway

    CreditIllustration by The New York Times; photograph by Steven Senne/Associated Press

    She’s Taking Jeff Bezos to Task

    Joy Buolamwini is on a crusade against bias in facial recognition technology, and the powerful companies that profit from it.