1. PhotoFrom left: David Alekhuogie’s “roscoe’s long beach 34.0407° N, 118.3476° W” (2018), Troy Michie’s “Distorted In the Interest of Design” (2019).
    CreditFrom left: Courtesy of the artist and Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles. Photo: Ruben Diaz; Courtesy of the artist.

    Works for the Now, by Queer Artists of Color

    Pride Month may have come to a close, but the wide-ranging pieces shown here have staying power.

    1. PhotoThe artist Moyra Davey at her home in Sullivan County, N.Y., looking at an apple tree in the backyard where a bird feeder used to hang (until the ongoing appearance of black bears forced her to remove it).
      CreditNoah Kalina

      Artist’s Questionnaire

      An Artist Who Delights in the Minor Key

      Moyra Davey’s work moves freely between photography, video and writing but is united in its unwavering attention to the objects and accidents of everyday life.


  1. PhotoDetails of images taken at homes both permanent and temporary, and with objects more and less familiar.
    CreditFrom left: Hugo Yu; Anthony Cotsifas; Esther Choi; François Halard; Azim H

    Still Life With Fly Swatter, or Hourglass, or Lemons

    Five housebound photographers used everyday items to create images that speak to both their inner lives and the world beyond their walls.


  2. PhotoIn the recent weeks and months, the photographers whose work is shown here have captured moments of connection and self-reflection, as well as evidence of the enduring power of nature.
    CreditClockwise from top left: Renée Cox; Richard Mosse; Wayne Lawrence; © Asako Narahashi; Domingo Milella; © Hitoshi Fugo, courtesy of Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery; © Joel Meyerowitz, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery; Alec Soth

    Eight Photographers’ Pictures From Isolation

    Joel Meyerowitz, Renée Cox, Asako Narahashi and more share visual diaries of the present moment.


  1. Notes on the Culture

    PhotoFrank Stella in his studio in upstate New York, photographed on Dec. 18, 2019.
    CreditDouglas DuBois

    The Constellation of Frank Stella

    The artist’s Minimalist abstractions helped change the direction of painting at the start of his career. Now at the end of it, the 83-year-old artist looks back to his beginnings.


  2. Arts and Letters

    PhotoYang with “Red Broken Mountainous Labyrinth” (2008), photographed at The Bass Museum of Art on Dec. 4, 2019.
    CreditShane Lavalette

    An Artist Whose Muse Is Loneliness

    Haegue Yang seeks isolation and then mines the accompanying confusion to reflect on the nature of belonging.


  3. PhotoMore unfinished sculptures in Fritsch’s studio, including one of her signature roosters. She works in polyester and fiberglass with acrylic paint or industrial lacquer.
    CreditBernhard Fuchs

    A Sculptor of the Female Gaze

    Katharina Fritsch shows familiar objects as they might appear in a dream, bringing the subliminal to light.



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  1. Photo
    CreditMuyi Xiao

    Moving Photographs, Inspired by Loss

    The photographer Muyi Xiao began to work on her delicate series “Forget Me Not” with her mother, after the death of her grandmother.


  2. Photo
    Credit© 2016 Estate of Paul Outerbridge, Jr., courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY

    Impossibly Modern 1930s Fashion and Ad Photos

    Paul Outerbridge, a friend of Man Ray’s and Duchamp’s, brought a witty eye and careful composition to early color photography.

  3. Photo
    CreditThomas Brown

    A Photo Series, with Audience Participation

    The photographer Thomas Brown depicts sculptural still lifes of crumpled paper that resemble meteorites — and then asks viewers to “adopt” and name them.