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  1. PhotoThe master bedroom of <a href="">an apartment</a> on Paris’s Place des Victoires, designed by Studio KO, which features a travertine side table and a Vincenzo De Cotiis leather-and-bronze bed.<a href=""><br /></a>
    CreditAlexis Armanet

    How to Refresh Your Home With Minimal Fuss

    From reconsidering your lighting to upgrading your bedding, suggestions for making the space you’re isolating in feel new again.


  2. PhotoThe designer Ray Eames around 1950.
    CreditPeter Stackpole/The LIFE Picture Collection, via Getty Images

    Ray Eames, Out of Her Husband’s Shadow

    The designer let her larger-than-life husband Charles do the talking. But the style symbolized by their shared name was a joint creation.


  1. PhotoRoses in the cutting garden of Dan Pearson and Huw Morgan’s home in Somerset, England.
    CreditAlexis Armanet

    A Garden Grows in Somerset

    For a decade, the master gardener Dan Pearson has been creating a landscape that’s a testament to both his singular eye and Britain’s natural beauty.


  2. By Design

    PhotoThe reel-to-reel tape machine in Armstrong’s den.
    CreditChris Mottalini

    Louis Armstrong, the King of Queens

    The jazz musician’s impeccably maintained home in a modest New York City neighborhood is a testament to his — and midcentury design’s — legacy.


By Design

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  1. PhotoThe former reception chamber of the South African Mutual Life Assurance Society building has been converted into a living room with original frescoes by Le Roux Smith Le Roux, ottomans in fabric woven by local makers from Coral & Hive and a bench by the artisan Adam Birch.
    CreditGreg Cox

    A Cape Town Apartment That Speaks to the Past

    In their pied-à-terre in an iconic Art Deco building, a pair of siblings restored original details, including ones that force a confrontation with the country’s fraught history.

    By Nancy Hass and

  2. PhotoThe untreated cedar-clad house sits in a landscape of pine trees and an undergrowth of blueberry, lingonberry and heather.
    CreditNin Solis

    A Cozy Cottage on an Island Northeast of Stockholm

    After years of creating avant-garde retail spaces for Scandinavian fashion brands, a pair of designers has built a deceptively simple home for themselves.

    By Alice Newell-Hanson and