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    How Food May Improve Your Mood

    The sugar-laden, high-fat foods we often crave when we are stressed or depressed, as comforting as they are, may be the least likely to benefit our mental health.


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    The Importance of Getting Fully Vaccinated

    Covid remains a mortal threat not just for people like me in the upper decades of life but for almost anyone, no matter how young and healthy.


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      Do Statins Really Cause Muscle Aches?

      People taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs often report muscle pain, but the pain may be the same when they take a look-alike placebo pill.


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    Are You Flourishing? Take the Quiz.

    The first step toward better overall well-being is to think about how you’re doing in different parts of your life. Our quiz can help.

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    Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Second Covid Shot

    Your second dose of vaccine gives you more protection than you might think. Here’s why you should still get it, even if it’s later than planned.


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    The Standing 7-Minute Workout

    All you need is a wall, a chair for balance and sturdy shoes for this workout from Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.

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    Is It Safe to Go Back to Group Exercise Class at the Gym?

    Indoor fitness classes, which often result in heavy breathing in poorly ventilated rooms, can be risky. Here’s a guide to help you decide if your gym is doing enough to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

    By Tara Parker-Pope and

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    Why Your Brain Feels Broken

    Pandemic stress and multitasking can affect memory in a real way.